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Brand Name:
Back Roads Granola
Back Roads Food Co./Independent Company
Organic Status
100% of the brand's cereal and granola products are certified organic/by fully committed organic company

They write, "Back Roads Granola is a small family bakery located on our 11 acre farm in southern Vermont. We employ several local bakers who assist Peter in making & shipping Back Roads Granola each week.

Peter is master baker and in charge of operations. Virginia is in charge of sales, marketing & all things customer service. Daughter, Coral recently moved back to Vermont from Boston and is heading up the online marketing efforts . Our friend, Barb helps run our office. We answer your phone calls & emails and we hope to personally meet you when we are on the road doing demos and correspond with you through Social Media outlets.

At Back Roads Granola, having fun is required while working to produce & distribute the very best organic food possible. We incorporate fun in our travels all over New England and beyond, while doing food demos & meeting our customers & buyers.

In addition to making Back Roads Granola, we have 7 beautiful llamas that grace our pastures, a flock of entertaining chickens that produce organic eggs for us and our own organic vegetable garden and berry patch that we share with our family & friends. We whole-heartedly embrace our Vermont country lifestyle; it sustains us and allows us to enjoy the synchronistic integration of our work and home life. After all these years, we are still Crunchy Granola People.

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