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Brand Name:
Ambrosial Organic Inc./Independent Company
Organic Status
100% of the brand's cereal and granola products are certified organic/by fully committed organic company

They write, "Ambrosial Granola has been committed to organic and wholesome foods since its inception, when in the ‘80s, as a home recipe was nourishing our family. With the same motherly care, applying the highest organic standards, we craft our granola and muesli today. Our customers and their families deserve to put on their table the same quality as our family does.

Ambrosial Products

We firmly believe that organic food is the only food in its natural state; unadulterated, nourishing and delicious! One of our goals as a company is to offer only the best and most nutritious foods. That means we are selecting very carefully our organic ingredients not only for delicious taste, but also for their nutrients. We have rejected using oils (e.g. canola) and refined sweeteners, present in the majority of granolas and mueslis in the market. Main source of sweetness are the dry organic fruits in abundance in all Ambrosial Granola & Muesli flavors. We are very proud that Prevention® recognized our quality and voted us as the Healthiest Cereal 2011.

In addition to the health benefits, we also believe that good food begins with environmentally sustainable farming, that is organic farming. Organic food is not only better for the environment, and the people’s tables, but also supports small family operations and helps the family farm and the rural community survive. If we all remember the old Native American saying that "we don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children", we will intensify our efforts to protect it and leave it better than we found it."

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