The Cornucopia Institute, a nonprofit watchdog, is working to get carrageenan out of organic food due to its problematic health effects on sensitive individuals. Of particular concern: when carrageenan is used in processing it may not appear on the label, even though it may still be present in the food itself! Please support Cornucopia’s efforts by sharing your clinical and patient experiences with carrageenan:
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Do you recommend that patients remove carrageenan from their diet?
Have you treated people who have experienced negative health effects from consuming carrageenan?

Do you give Cornucopia permission to use your quotes in our communications?
Will you send a comment to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) asking them to remove carrageenan from organic foods?
To submit your comment use this link: (Comments are due September 30; for more information search docket AMS-NOP-21-0038.)
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