We are currently collecting letters to hand deliver to acting USDA Secretary Chuck Conner. 

This is not a petition drive or an email based letter.  We are actually asking you to print out this letter, sign it, and then mail it to us at PO Box 126, Cornucopia, WI  54827.  We are hand delivering the 1500 we have already received to the USDA during an official meeting we are having on this issue in late November.  We will continue to collect these important letters and deliver them to the USDA as they keep arriving.  

Your response and concern about the pasteurization stands in marked contrast to the 18 public comments received by USDA on the rule (all from the almond industry) when they were considering implementing this plan in early 2007.

We believe this personal approach with signed proxy letters carries more political weight than online petitions and email campaigns (it's worth noting that thousands of additional contacts to the USDA have already come in this fashion).  We have effectively used proxy letters  with other issues.  Please try to send your personally signed letter to us so that we can deliver them to the USDA.  

Cornucopia is investigating legal action to suspend the rule and having your proxy letters in our hand should we go into court will provide us with increased standing in the eyes of the judicial system. 

Thank you for helping with this effort.

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