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GMO-Friendly USDA Ogling Organic

Under Secretary’s Testimony Opens Discussion to “Enhance Organic Production” USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach recently made comments before the House Agriculture Subcommittee suggesting it is time to discuss the possible allowance of gene editing methods within organic production. USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach Source: USDA, Flickr Ibach’s words are in line with the Trump administration’s… Read more »

Makers of GMOs May Be Asked to Regulate Themselves

In agriculture, genetic engineering has primarily been used to make crops resistant to pests and disease or able to survive the application of toxins, such as glyphosate. These traits do not occur naturally in the species in question. In practice, these genetically modified (GM) crops are poorly tested for safety, especially with respect to long… Read more »

EPA Approves Dicamba-based Herbicide Designed for GMO Cotton and Soy

Cornucopia’s Take: The EPA’s approval of Monsanto’s XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology herbicide is projected to increase dicamba use from less than one million pounds to more than 25 million annually on soy and cotton fields.  Dicamba is an older generation persistent pesticide that has been linked to damage of the kidney and liver, neurotoxicity, and… Read more »

What Happens When You Cut GMOs Out of Your Diet?

Rodale’s Organic Life by Gina Roberts-Grey Source: Melinda Shelton Considering that they’re everywhere, from restaurants to grocery stores to some farm stands, genetically modified ingredients aren’t easy to avoid, but it can be done (for the most part) with some creativity. Crops once threatened by persistent insect pests now genetically engineered to produce their own… Read more »

Growing Doubt: a Scientist’s Experience of GMOs

Independent Science News by Jonathan R. Latham, PhD cspB, from the Bacillus subtilis bacterium, inserted into the genome of corn plantsSource: BASF By training, I am a plant biologist. In the early 1990s I was busy making genetically modified plants (often called GMOs for Genetically Modified Organisms) as part of the research that led to my… Read more »

The Next Great GMO Debate

Technology Review by Antonio Regalado Deep inside its labs, Monsanto is learning how to modify crops by spraying them with RNA rather than tinkering with their genes. The Colorado potato beetle is a voracious eater. The insect can chew through 10 square centimeters of leaf a day, and left unchecked it will strip a plant… Read more »

Congress Is Having a Messy Food Fight Over GMO Labeling

The Verge by Clare Leschin-Hoar The debate over requiring GMO labels is scrambling partisan lines Source: Stu Mayhew Late last month, the House of Representatives delivered a blow to anyone fighting for the right to know if the food they’re buying at the neighborhood supermarket is made using genetically modified ingredients. The bill, officially known as… Read more »

Golden Rice GMO Paper Retracted After Judge Rules for Journal

The Ecologist originally published by Retraction Watch A key paper that’s been widely cited to justify the use of GM ‘Golden rice’ to boost vitamin A nutrition has been withdrawn due to ethical breaches, with no proof of consent by parents of the children taking part in trials. But that’s not the only objection. Source:… Read more »

Another ‘Too Big to Fail’ System in GMOs

The New York Times by Mark Spitznagel and Nassim Nicholas Taleb Source: lePhotography Before the crisis that started in 2007, both of us believed that the financial system was fragile and unsustainable, contrary to the near ubiquitous analyses at the time. Now, there is something vastly riskier facing us, with risks that entail the survival… Read more »

GMO Labels Make Good Sense

CNN by Marta Tellado Marta Tellado President & CEO of Consumer Reports Editor’s Note: Marta Tellado is president and CEO of Consumer Reports. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. (CNN) Recently, at my neighborhood supermarket, I spotted a young mom pushing a cart with two children and a week’s worth of… Read more »