Cornucopia Scorecards Help You Choose the Best While Shopping

September 28th, 2017

New Look, Same Data You Can Rely On

Have you ever stood in front of an egg or milk case and wondered which to buy? If you’re lucky, you might have several organic options to choose from, but often the only way to differentiate between them is the packaging or the price.

But there is a difference between organic brands—that’s why we do the research to determine which organic brands are truly upholding the spirit and the law of organic food and farming. Cornucopia shares this research with you in the form of reports and scorecards. Reports provide detailed information on the criteria that make for exceptional organic production (i.e., Are the cows truly out on pasture?). The related scorecards rank brands and farms to help you easily find the best food from authentic organic farms and producers.

You can use Cornucopia scorecards when shopping for:

Cornucopia’s scorecards have been completely redesigned to make it much easier to use them while you’re shopping. You can now access the scorecards right from your cell phone, or you can print any one of them to take with you when you shop.

The scorecards look different, but it is the same thoroughly researched data that you can rely on. We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to. Find out which brands are going beyond organic, and which make a mockery of the organic label, at on the Scorecards tab.


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