Dave Minar
Dave Minar

The Cedar Summit Farm, near New Prague, MN, is a 100% grass-fed organic dairy.  They also bottle and sell their own milk (glass bottles) and dairy products.  Operating on 185 acres of land purchased in 1926 by Val Minar, the future of the farm is now threatened by new high-voltage powerlines proposed through Minnesota.

According to the Minar family:  “We are grass farmers, first and foremost.  Our land is our livelihood.”  Since going chemical free in 1974 and certified organic in 1004, the Minars have diligently sought to build a nutrient rich soil that grows the grasses feeding the dairy herd.  “The land,” they say, ” is a living and breathing organism.”

The Minar’s are appealing to you for your help.  The power companies are resisting payment of fair market value for their land as well as reasonable moving and relocation expenses, as required by Minnesota state law.  Please sign this petition to the Minnesota state House Energy Policy Committee requesting that Minnesota’s “Buy the Farm” law is justly enforced.

The Minar family has been a beacon of assistance for other farmers over the years, helping them better understand sustainable and organic farming practices.  And they are nationally known for their grazing expertise.  Now, they need our help.

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