Like every public interest charity we depend on the generosity of our members at the end of the year to carry out our mission.

The Cornucopia Institute is at the center of the good food movement. We are dedicated to preserving opportunity for family farmers to raise, grow and produce the authentic, nutrient dense food that millions of Americans increasingly seek for their children and families.

And we have been working to protect sustainable, organic and local agriculture from the scofflaws and scam artists greedy for their slice of the good food pie. Simultaneously, we’re seeing corporate shenanigans undermining the reputation of the organic label by including dubious, if not dangerous, synthetic additives while employing hazardous processing inputs — and “organic” milk, eggs and meat coming from giant factory farms.

We need to fight to assure the USDA certified organic label remains the best option for most consumers (in addition to food from local CSA and market farmers you can make a direct personal connection with). It’s again worth noting that GMO inputs are banned in organic food and agriculture.

The various food scorecards on the Cornucopia website can help you separate the true heroes from the organic charlatans—please exercise your economic clout by choosing carefully in the grocery aisles this holiday season.

As we reflect upon this past year and celebrate over the next few weeks with our friends and family, let’s recommit to supporting ethical, organic and sustainable farmers and food companies who put people and the planet first. Don’t sit back and allow us to lose total control of our food supply and see some of our best farmers economically damaged.

Your gift today to The Cornucopia Institute will support us
in fighting for the integrity of the good food movement.

Of course, as an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable institution, your contributions are deductible to the full extent of the law.

Best regards and warm greetings,

On behalf of our staff, Board of Directors, and especially our farmer-membership, I again want to thank you very sincerely for your support.

Mark A. Kastel

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