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Brand Name Judy's Family Farm
Rating (1)    
Company Petaluma Farms
Location Petaluma, CA
Market Area West Coast
Web Site

industrial organics and/or not open enough to participate

Petaluma Farms, a large‐scale egg producer in Petaluma, CA, produces both organic and conventional cage‐free eggs for sale under several brand names, which include Judy’s Family Farm, Rock Island, Uncle Eddie’s Wild Hen Farm and Gold Circle. They also produce eggs for the 365 label owned by Whole Foods and Organic Valley for Western US markets.

Their organic laying hens are not granted outdoor access—their organic certifying agent has granted them a permanent exemption from granting outdoor access based on the “threat” of avian influenza. Other organic egg producers in their area do grant outdoor access for their chickens, making this an unconvincing excuse for permanent confinement.

Petaluma Farms states on its website that its organic chickens are “raised to conform to USDA organic standards”—a questionable statement since the standards require “year‐round access for all animals to the outdoors,” a requirement to which Petaluma Farms clearly does not conform.

Criteria Points Comments
Organic Certifying Agent
Ownership Structure 0 family-owned business
Egg Supply 0
Disclosure 0 No transparency
Commitment to Organics 0
Single or Double Henhouses
Outdoor Space
Exit to the Outside
Outdoor Space Exemptions
Outdoor Opportunity for all Birds
Outdoor Rotation
Outdoor Vegetation
Indoor Space
Indoor Enrichment
Natural Light
Pasture Shared with Other Animals
Manure Handling System
Feed - Any Produced on farm
Replacement Stock
Laying Hen Lifespan
Beak Trimming
Farm Support
TOTAL (possible score is 2200) 0 ONE EGG (Industrial Organics)