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Brand Name Giving Nature
Rating (3)    
Company Giving Nature Foods
Location Holicong, PA
Market Area Mid-Atlantic, Northeast
Web Site

This highly rated brand of organic eggs participated in the Organic Egg Scorecard project by answering questions about their production practices. Details about their egg production practices can be found in the table below.

We also encourage all highly rated egg brands to send us a brief description of their farm or company and up to two graphic images (normally one of their logo) to post on this webpage. This farm/company has not sent us their materials; if you are one of their customers, and would like to know more about their background, please contact them and encourage them to forward their information to Cornucopia.

Criteria Points Comments
Organic Certifying Agent 85 PCO
Ownership Structure 80 family-owned business
Egg Supply 80 multiple family farms
Disclosure 100 Full and Open
Commitment to Organics 80 Company markets both organic and cage-free; all organic eggs are produced on 100% organic farms
Single or Double Henhouses 100 single
Outdoor Space 80 4 sq. ft. per bird
Exit to the Outside 60 multiple popholes
Outdoor Space Exemptions 70 confined seasonally
Outdoor Opportunity for all Birds 100 outdoor opportunity for 100% of the flock
Outdoor Rotation 80 rotated fixed outdoor space
Outdoor Vegetation 90 managed pasture with fixed housing
Indoor Space 88 ranges from 1.25 sq. ft./bird to 1.6 sq. ft./bird
Indoor Enrichment 100 perches, dust baths and deep litter
Natural Light 90 abundant natural light in henhouses
Pasture Shared with Other Animals 90 pasture not shared with other animals
Manure Handling System 85 varies, some farms sell off-farm, others use on-farm
Feed - Any Produced on farm 50 No feed is produced on farm
Replacement Stock 60 Company raises own replacement pullets in industrial scale setting
Laying Hen Lifespan 70 1.5 years
Beak Trimming 75 yes, prior to age 10 days
Farm Support 70 relies on third-party inspection; company representative visits farms regularly
TOTAL (possible score is 2200) 1783 THREE EGGS (Very Good)