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Brand Name Vital Farms
Rating (5)    
Company Vital Farms
Location Austin, TX
Market Area Whole Foods Markets nationwide
Web Site
Vital Farms

Vital Farms is based in Austin, Texas, and produces pastureā€raised organic eggs that can be found in Whole Foods stores across the country. Currently, 15,000 laying hens are pastured on four different farms in Texas and Arkansas. Birds are either housed in converted cotton trailers that are moved to new pasture every week, or in fixed houses with eight sections of pasture that are also rotated regularly. Each bird has access to approximately 25 square feet of native grasses, carefully managed through rotation to maintain healthy pasture.

They write:

Vital Farms is home to some of the happiest hens in the world. Our girls live like birds should, on organic green pasture under open skies, so their eggs are better for you, tastier, and much more humane!

Criteria Points Comments
Organic Certifying Agent 100 NICS
Ownership Structure 80 family-owned business
Egg Supply 95 family farm, buys additional eggs from other farms
Disclosure 100 Full and Open
Commitment to Organics 100 Organic
Single or Double Henhouses 100 Single
Outdoor Space 100 25 sq. ft/bird
Exit to the Outside 100 birds kept on rotated pasture
Outdoor Space Exemptions 100 year round access
Outdoor Opportunity for all Birds 100 yes
Outdoor Rotation 100 rotated pasture (weekly)
Outdoor Vegetation 100 rotated pasture with mobile housing
Indoor Space 100 2 sq. ft./bird
Indoor Enrichment 100 perches, dust baths, scratching areas
Natural Light 100 birds have access to natural light outdoors
Pasture Shared with Other Animals 90 pasture not shared with other animals
Manure Handling System 100 used on-farm
Feed - Any Produced on farm 70 Hens acquire some nutrition from pasture
Replacement Stock 90 Company raises own replacement pullets in an effort to train birds for outdoor acces
Laying Hen Lifespan 80 2 years
Beak Trimming 100 no
Farm Support 90 farmer-owners live/work on site; company representatives visit additional farms regularly
TOTAL (possible score is 2200) 2095 FIVE EGGS (Exemplary)